a hidden talent?

November 14, 2006

chris tells me that self-deprecation is very “out” these days. i agree with him completely. i therefore do not intend this post to take that tone.

i do a lot of things well. i’m a fairly decent writer. i’m a fairly good student (these days). i dress myself nicely. i can hold a good conversation. i’m a (damn) good cook.

one thing in which i am definitely not gifted is singing. that doesn’t mean that i don’t enjoy it (much to the chagrin of many, i’m sure). it always seems that when one drinks, one sings much better. this, however, is probably due to the fact that one’s drunken vocals are probably only pleasing to drunken ears, which, as one might observe at many a karaoke bar, are not in short supply.

i tend to not be able to switch very far between high and low notes. i truly envy those who have capacities of four, five or even six octaves (i probably have a range of about one-and-a-half).

tonight, i was singing along to a favourite song of mine, “me and mrs. jones” by billy paul. it’s such a wonderful soul classic. anyway, the song had ended, and i had been singing along to it, when i realized that i had sung the whole song properly, without faltering. granted, i needed to adopt a much lower voice than most people are accustomed to hearing me use, but it was still an accomplishment.

not that i’m going to be auditioning for “canadian idol” anytime soon, but i’m still pretty thrilled at that.


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