change is not always a good thing.

November 14, 2006

in a bitterly fought but decisively settled battle, david miller has won a second term as the mayor of the city of toronto with 57% of votes. his closest contender, jane pitfield, managed to collect 32% of the vote-share (stephen ledrew, ex-president of the liberal party of canada, grabbed 1%).

mr. ledrew, you are the embodiment of what is wrong with the federal liberals. you are arrogant, flashy, and negative. you carry a sense of entitlement (in fact, you likely think that you are endowed with a divine right to govern). you are an embarrassment to your party; they would be wise to expel you. please learn your lesson and return to private life (you may, however, write an autobiography).

ms. pitfield, i sincerely salute you. kudos to you for waging a clean campaign. you’ve argued with passion and conviction. while i may not agree with your policies, canadian politics needs more people with your spirit and dedication.

mr. miller, congratulations. you’ve shown your constituents an optimistic and achievable vision of what your city can be. you have a lot more work to do; transit, homelessness and crime are threatening to unravel toronto’s unique charm. it’s time to show the world how a city should be.

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