a lost generation?

November 22, 2006

i’m quite fond of duncan sheik. he’s got a truly unique voice. especially when he covers joni mitchell. i know that people make fun of him for composing a few anthems of late-generation-x bourgeois-bohemianism (and of me, for liking him), but just like james taylor plays the signature riff that has marked itself in my brain, sheik has managed to touch me in a dark-yet-sweet way.

generation x. now, that’s a funny thing. i get an image of kurt cobain, the movies “reality bites” (good)  and “if lucy fell” (bad), the battle of seattle, the berlin wall coming down (admittedly a good thing), new york city (don’t ask me why; though arthur nersesian does it well, likening manhattan to a schizophrenic blood clot between the hudson and east rivers) and general hopelessness. basically, it’s “blade runner” come true: corporations won, democracy lost.

i think of ross. he is basically generation x in a nutshell; angry, aware and drugged. maybe that’s why i tended to avoid him during his last days in vancouver. maybe i was a bastard for not being kinder to him; maybe i was too generous to him during the time that i knew him. i appreciate the lessons that i learned when i was with him (though i must say that none of them were taught to me by him). i realized with him that saying “no” makes you a powerful person, and that i was sick of letting him get his way just because he’d throw a tantrum otherwise. i wrote a lot of good things about him in my old blog…especially after breaking up with him. i now take those back.

ross, if you ever read this, i hope that you don’t hate me for thinking of you this way. i don’t hate you for any reason. i just can’t stand you for more than a limited period at a time.

so, tonight, i’m blogging, instead of doing my readings (about class in paris, both before and after baron haussmann – perhaps this should be changed to class in paris in the second empire and the third republic) or my homework for tomorrow (greek salad, cheese plate and baguette – for real).

maybe i don’t care…but that’s not true. is generation x really over?

i’ve a hot date on thursday with a gent by the name of corey giles.

corey…funny. even the same spelling.

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