exam update.

December 17, 2006

i really should be studying, but instead i’m catching up on some thoughts (mostly ’cause i can’t get over the cow yapping across the table from me):

it’s really starting to sink in how little time i have left in vancouver. as a compulsive list-maker, i’ve come up with a sample itinerary between today and my first day at nanterre (february 12):

  • january 8: leave vancouver for toronto
  • january 12 – january 14: visit sean in waterloo
  • january 22: leave toronto for copenhagen via chicago
  • january 28: leave copenhagen for paris
  • january 29 – february 9: intensive french course at nanterre
  • february 12: first day at nanterre; move into residence.

it’s starting to make me nervous.

though the fact that i’m dreadfully unprepared for tomorrow’s gis exam should be making me more nervous.


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