the inventory.

December 30, 2006

it’s the 30th today. i have 11 days left.

there’s been a bit of confusion with my schedule. just for the record, here’s the official version of events:

  • january 8: going away dinner at the eatery on west broadway (note to self: make reservation).
  • january 10: leave vancouver for toronto at 7 am.
  • january 19-21: visit sean in waterloo.
  • february 1: leave toronto for stockholm (via chicago).
  • february 10: leave stockholm for paris.
  • february 12: move into residence at nanterre.
  • february 22: catch the decemberists at la maroquinerie (paris xxe).
  • mid-august: figure out where to apply for grad school (current possibilities include mcgill, dalhousie, toronto, simon fraser, hunter @ cuny and uc berkeley).
  • late december: return to vancouver.
  • may 2008: grad from ubc. go on birthright. move cities if necessary. find a decent job.
  • september 2008: start a masters’ program in urban planning.
  • may 2010: complete masters’ program.
  • june 2010: ideally, travel to india and/or japan. realistically, get on with real life.

at some point, i’d also like to visit my aunt in mexico city.

the structure is surprisingly refreshing. unfortunately, it also means that i have very little time left with the familiar.


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