toronto weekend one.

January 15, 2007

this past weekend was really exciting. sean came to toronto. we formed a party with james (who is completely in his element here) and matthew (sean’s boy).

friday night involved getting meeting sean at the bus station on bay street (run by the t.t.c., surprisingly), then walking to meet james at the speaker’s corner booth in the muchmusic building. we tried to get in to eat at the queen mother cafe on queen street west near mccaul or so (a great place to grab lunch; dinner is just as good albeit a bit pricier). we faced a wait of about 35 minutes, so we decided to find someplace in james’ neighbourhood (church street). after some satisfying thai food, we went to james’ apartment (which, coincidentally, is the same building that pilar used to call home) and contemplated going out. james, who is the casual stoner, decided to whip out the bong, to which we all partook. one thing i have to admit is that watching porn is very, very different while stoned. bad porn gets so much worse, but good porn, well, it’s almost like you’re right there.

the next morning, we ventured to uncle steve’s place in thornhill to set up our home base. after a much needed nap and shower, we picked up matt from the bus terminal again and then headed to bitondo’s (on clinton street, just north of college) for panzerotti (deep-fried calzone) and good coffee. after a bit of walking around in chinatown, we ended up at a portuguese-style hipster restaurant called musa (dundas west near manning). i had grilled squid and dandelion leaves – very tasty.

after that, the night becomes blurry. by the evidence presented to me by my photographs, we were back at james’ place, partaking in a few drinks before heading out. we went to woody’s, toronto’s iconic gay bar. it was a pretty nice starting point. later, we left to go to another bar whose name escapes me – vice, perhaps? i ended up meeting some hot-shit guy who wanted to bring me home; i declined on account of him possibly being the biggest douchebag i’ve ever met in my life. i kept talking to him after i determined this; i enjoyed subtly ridiculing him to his face.

anyway, we eventually headed back up to thornhill. it took a long time, but we made it in one piece (more or less). the next day, we had lunch, got ourselves showered, cleaned up and returned to the city. the three of us spent a fantastic evening having dinner at the queen mother and then going skating at nathan phillips square (just as every able-bodied muslim is prescribed to make the hajj, going skating with toronto’s city hall in the background is one of those canadian activities that has tied itself indelibly into the national psyche).

sean and matthew went back to waterloo and guelph, respectively. i nearly fell asleep on the subway ride back home. i hadn’t felt so satisfied in a very long time.


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