on the 506 streetcar…

January 17, 2007

today sucked. i definitely spent most of the day in bed. although the feeling of a lost day in a foreign city, coupled with the generally universal displeasure of sweat and chills, is not something that i expected or looked forward to, it has provided me with ample time to think about things that i’ve been meaning to work out.

i’ve got three terms left until i grad. i’ve got to do really, really well at school between now and then. not being accepted to grad school is not an option.

jealousy isn’t a good thing, i know. still, what’s the difference between academically-successful people and me? why can’t i stay focused as deadlines approach? why do i get distracted so easily? i don’t want to end up with my b.a. and call it at that. seriously. i mean, let’s think about it for a second. i don’t want to be someone who ends up in some crappy mcjob for the rest of my life. i want a bit of comfort, a bit of influence.

what will i do without it?


One Response to “on the 506 streetcar…”

  1. Milan Says:

    Plenty of grad students who I know (myself included) are really bad at managing time. The one essential feature, I suppose, is the ability to buckle down because of sheer panic, right before work is due.

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