saint george, patron.

January 18, 2007

steph was right. she was totally, completely right. we’re living our lives right now. we aren’t waiting for anything. this is it.

earlier today, i had coffee with micajah, which made the day very pleasant. he’s very different from when i knew him back home, both physically and in terms of his frame of reference. becoming re-acquainted with him has surely one of the high points of my trip so far. he manages to touch me in a very tender spot that most people don’t ever quite reach. i thanked him for the motivation he gave me almost exactly two years ago. he seemed a bit shocked by the gravity of my thanks; i let the subject drop.

there’s no time to regret the past, i’m afraid. as much as sadness is comfortable, it’s also debilitating, something which i cannot afford to be.

i’m sitting in the computer science building at the university of toronto. i was hoping that i would have the chance to steal some free wireless; this does not seem to be the case, unfortunately. charles tells me that it’s virtually impossible to steal u. of t.’s internet.

funny, the more i sit in this building, the more it makes me think of ubc. maybe i do have a place here.

o, virgil, poet of poets! let me prove you right!


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