once again, on the 506 streetcar.

January 19, 2007

today, i went to toronto’s little india, in the east end of the city, around gerrard and coxwell. it was somewhat…underwhelming…but that’s besides the point. maybe it’s a bit nicer when it requires less endurance against the cold.

what i noticed was when i returned. my streetcar turned up parliament street, into the heart of cabbagetown. instantly, i knew that this neighbourhood captured the soul of toronto; victorian, ethnic, progressive, intelligent. it even has its own flag, cheekily mimicking the canadian standard (trading the red for green and the maple leaf for, predictably, a cabbage).

it was turning dark, so i figured i’d check it out another day. the odds of me calling it home one day, however, are pretty high.

i don’t know how anyone could hate this town. there’s a story hidden in the mortar between every brick.

my criticisms of toronto remain pleasantly few. however, one topic that i will comment upon is the number of people my age i’ve spotted wearing the black-and-white keffiyeh.  young people are either decidedly anti-israel here or completely clueless. considering that five percent of toronto is jewish, and that jews have probably shaped the destiny of this city more than their numbers might suggest, i’m putting my money on the latter.

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