what kids say.

January 21, 2007

it’s really funny how kids are so impressionable. maybe it’s a good thing, but it’s definitely key to why society issues such a high value to children.

so when i hear my little cousin exclaim that her career aspiration is to be a cocktail waitress, it inspired a polite laugh and a genuine feeling of dread in me.

my uncle and aunt are genuinely good people. i don’t always agree with their 905 politcs, but we don’t let it come between us. i love them immensely. i know my dad had even had a (now defunct) pact with my uncle that, in the event of my dad and stepmum’s death, he would take care of me (that would have definitely been a strange prospect, entailing a near-immediate move to toronto).

their two kids are bright and, at the insistence of their parents, very active. zoë is definitely the more introverted of the two; i’ve made an effort to be more attentive to her. abby, on the other hand is, without a doubt, a princess. she sings, she dances, she dresses up. she makes absolutely certain that the world knows that she’s there.

what pains me is that they are both so plugged in to pop culture – particularly abby – that it already seems like a lost cause to argue with them on their consumer habits. no girl of six really needs to bring her purse to a restaurant (if she absolutely must, it’s certainly not to pay). if you’ve seen the movie “mean girls”, recall the scene where lindsay lohan character goes to regina’s palatial home and you’ll know what i mean.

i’m sure you can imagine the shock that registered on abby’s face when i informed her that i don’t have a television because i think it’s mostly trash. it was almost like i had told her that the tooth fairy didn’t exist.

One Response to “what kids say.”

  1. April Says:

    Hi Mike. I love the way you tell a story. The narrative flows so well. I consider myself somewhat educated, however, not as worldly as I’d could be.
    Your comments about your little cousins are thought provoking. I share your concern about the influences of pop culture. I’m tell myself it’s a phase and control what I can. It’s tough…it’s all around. TV is only part of it.
    By the way…what’s 905 politics? Like I said, I’m not so worldly.
    I love you.
    April xo

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