democracy rocks…usually.

January 23, 2007

i’ve decided the list of who i’m going to lend my vote in the upcoming student elections at ubc.

instead of endorsing candidates, i’ve decided to remain non-partisan, mainly due to me being away.

there are a few interesting candidates out there. some of them have good ideas. unfortunately, a lot of them are pretty lame.

no matter what you do, remember to go vote…particularly for the board of governors. there are a lot of important issues facing the ubc campus in the upcoming years; a strong, progressive voice for students will be sorely needed.

update: i’ve cast my votes, including submitting two blank ballots, one for the student legal fund society board (no information about the candidates available online) and the voter-funded media initiative (i got none of my information from any of the listed sources – although i think that this is one of the most exciting projects undertaken by the alma mater society in a long time). i’m pretty confident that i’ve lent my voice to good people. hopefully, they’ll manage to agree with each other.

something tells me that the next a.m.s. executive is going to be a…colourful one. part of me is glad that i’m not going to be there to witness the aftermath.


2 Responses to “democracy rocks…usually.”

  1. Milan Says:

    Were there any Afternoon Tea Society or Radical Beer Faction candidates?

  2. mkushnir Says:

    no, there weren’t, unfortunately. council banned slates a number of years ago.

    even pylon and fire hydrant weren’t there as independants. notable mention, however, should go to maxwell maxwell for president and lougheed “the barbarian” for vp admin.

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