some sad news.

February 6, 2007

it seems that stephen harper and his conservative party has started to go a bit loopy. not that there weren’t a few freaks in his government before, mind you, but if there was any benefit of doubt to be given, yesterday’s events in the house have made it clear that it has long since expired.

ordering one’s caucus to oppose the kyoto protocol – even in a non-binding resolution – is plenty of reason enough to pull the plug on the thirty-ninth parliament. add to the facts that the tories have also pulled support for the safe-injection site, opposed same-sex marriage, bribed david emerson with a cabinet post, supported an elected senate (more to be written on this topic later) while having made party operatives senators in order to have them in cabinet and generally moved canada closer to being the 51st state, it makes one wonder why people haven’t been calling for his head already.


One Response to “some sad news.”

  1. Milan Says:

    It has been interesting to watch the Harper government wrestle with the temptations of both centrism and pleasing their base. None of the above really surprises me, however.

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