stuck in sweden.

February 10, 2007

i’m really upset right now.

for reasons outside my control, i’m spending another night in sweden. not that this is a bad place, mind you. it’s just that this has become a really, really bad day and i’d rather be having it in a country where every printed thing doesn’t seem like dyslexic jibberish.

thank you, arlanda airport, for being the one thing in sweden that doesn’t run like clockwork. you fooled me with your slick furnishings and your sexy boarding agents, but now i know what a stone-cold bitch you truly are.


2 Responses to “stuck in sweden.”

  1. Milan Says:

    If you want to pretend that you are somewhere other than Sweden, just go to a Starbucks. Even in Istanbul, they look identical to the ones in Vancouver.

  2. Olly Says:

    What the hell happened?
    To be stuck at Arlanda must be horrible. I mean, it’s already uncool to wait for your flight for, like, 2 hours. But a whole day ?!?!!!!

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