paris, day one.

February 12, 2007

yesterday was about a thousand times better than the day before. far from perfect, but still pretty damn good.

showered, left the hostel, grabbed a coffee at the station, got on the express train (i’m glad that i decided to pay the extra cash for it). get to the airport, go straight through to the gate, board, fly, land.

paris’ roissy airport (better known as l’aeroport charles-de-gaulle), is linked to the city center by the réseau express régional (regional express network), or rer, a rail system extending far into the suburbs. the station at charles de gaulle is fairly imposing, even by my standards. one might imagine how the 10-year old english kid that i saw wandering the platform felt. i approached him and asked him if he had lost his folks; poor thing looked positively shaken. we were headed upstairs to the ticket booth to make an announcement when we finally found his father, who thanked me for what i’d done.

i was about to reply that anyone would have done the same, but stopped myself before i said it, instead telling him not to worry about it.

rode the train into town, checked into the nazi hostel (they’re vicious, and spartan, but at €13 a night, breakfast in, you put up with a lot), had a bite at a restaurant in the neighbourhood, hung out with a fellow canadian and called it an early night.

today was difficult, but straightforward. with the exception of the rer getting stuck in the tunnel during rush hour, and the university restaurant not being open for dinner, resulting in no dinner for me, everything worked like clockwork.

now, it’s a shame that i’m in the ghettoest room in the developed world. this is worse than when i lived in chinatown…really.

then again, considering the acute poverty i saw on the train in from the airport, i shouldn’t complain; i’ve got it good.


2 Responses to “paris, day one.”

  1. Jussi Says:

    Great to hear you managed to get to Paris, the city of your dreams. I hope you enjoy your stay.

  2. mkushnir Says:

    thanks, jussi. i hope so too.

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