the price of oranges.

February 14, 2007

i’m feeling much better about buying oranges in france than i am back home.

it’s about 1400 kilometres from here to the comunitat valenciana (in spain), whose region produces a small shitload of oranges.

comparatively, it’s about 2250 kilometres from vancouver to san diego, home of the closest orange groves. if you’re including juice, then your typical carton of tropicana orange juice travels a whopping 5000 kilometres from florida to british columbia.

this is a good thing, as oranges were cheap at the grocery store (relatively speaking; i’m not used to paying $1.30 CAD a pound).


3 Responses to “the price of oranges.”

  1. MT Says:

    Naranjas de españa por favor 🙂
    But there are better treats *gnigni* than those.

  2. Kelvin Says:

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