another distinct society.

February 18, 2007

for a country that prides itself on its anti-clericalism (indeed, this is probably the most secular country in the world), there sure isn’t a lot to do on a sunday.

also, while i’m going to try to keep my séjour in france as non-partisan and/or apolitical as possible, i’ve made a small observation about ségolène royal and nicholas sarkozy that i should make public.

both of them have some good points, as well as a decent heap of major flaws. nobody can say that they love every aspect of them. people will be likely voting with plugged noses this april.

this is gonna be a tight race. goddamn…


One Response to “another distinct society.”

  1. Milan Says:

    The country also seems to pride itself on doing very little work per week, which might explain closed doors on Sunday.

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