March 8, 2007

paris is really, really expensive. so, of course, it’s a fantastic idea to move to a better neighbourhood and double one’s rent.

i found a place in the 12e arrondissement, just north of the gare de lyon on the rue de charenton. i put money down today, and am putting together (and/or forging) the appropriate documentation to cement the deal.

today, as i was returning to school from seeing the landlord, i took line 6 of the metro, which runs elevated for a good portion of its trajectory. the train crossed the seine, the eiffel tower right there, sacré coeur way back on the hill, accordion player on the bench in front of me piping out his rendition of les feuilles mortes. so cliché, so sweet.

i clenched my receipt and silently congratulated myself, ’cause this is real. i’ve done it.

new photos are up on flickr.


6 Responses to “eureka!”

  1. Milan Says:

    I am glad you have dealt with the accommodation problem. It sounded like it was really souring your time there.

  2. Hilary Says:

    Hoorah! Now there can be more floor space for milan and I to sleep!! (or less floor space, but in a nicer area….)

  3. Jussi Says:

    Congratulations for the new apartment.

    Sorry if I’m being too curious but how big is the apartment (in square meters) and how much is the rent. I’d just want to compare it to Finnish prices, which can be quite silly especially in our capital.

  4. mkushnir Says:

    hey there, jussi,

    well, i read today that paris was the second most expensive city in the world, lagging behind tokyo, but don’t worry! helsinki was not far behind!

    it’s 468€ for 9 sq. metres. the studio is furnished, and all is included except for internet and electricity.

    so, evidently, 468€ gets you a kick in the pants in paris. what does that get you in finland?

  5. Jussi Says:

    Sorry for my slow reaction..

    9 sq. meters!? That’s *really* small and the price is quite high compared to Finland.

    A rental apartment of that price class is seems to go in average from 19 to 25 sq. meters in Helsinki, unfurbished. Obviously it depends on the age, class and location of the house. Some apartments were notably pricier, but mostly not much smaller.

    I hope you like the apartment.

  6. Sean Says:

    I really want to city hop this summer and I am definately thinking about going to Paris. Do you think it is expensive to visit? Have you been to London? How would you compare it to London?

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