in the public eye.

March 24, 2007

question: how well do people actually know paris?

i figure that i’ll turn this into a bit of a poll. please post your answers as comments.

paris is full of attractions, some more famous than others. there are the monumental ones, the sublime ones, the hidden ones,

so, without looking up a list of “must-sees in paris” on google or anything like that, can you name three of them?

the only caveat is that they cannot be any of the following:

1. the eiffel tower/champ de mars
2. the arc de triomphe/place de l’étoile
3. notre dame cathedral
4. sacré coeur basilica (on a side note, did you know that sacré coeur was constructed between 1884 and 1914 – not as old as many might expect?)
5. the louvre museum (or any exhibit within)

in addition, they should be fairly specific locations. neighbourhoods (such as the latin quarter or montmartre) are too broad (but individual streets or squares are just fine).

clarification/hint: for the purposes of this exercise, the boundaries of paris are not limited to the city walls (départment 75), but instead include to all of the île-de-france région.


3 Responses to “in the public eye.”

  1. Milan Says:

    Excluding your five, I can name:

    1) The prototype kilogram

  2. Jussi Says:

    I must admit that I know Paris very poorly. I can’t be exact but the things I’d like to see in Paris are the Seine and some big park in the city, which I hope exists.

    I know I’m weird, but I really love rivers and bridges. And I rate civilization by the parks in cities. The bigger and more central the better.

  3. Thomas (the Flemish dude from Stockholm) Says:

    I’d go straight to the Pont Neuf.
    Then to this other bridge a minute away from the ASICS store, to watch Geneviève.
    HAve lunch in le Marais in just any of the bistro’s.
    I’d buy a book from those guys next to Nôtre Dame.
    I’d sit on a bench in Les Tuileries, watch some dogs and their droppings being trodden on by a woman wearing a burka. :p (again)
    I’d avoid hurting myself in Virgin mega store on that damn escalator. (again)
    I’d go and act all Amélie Poulain at the Spanish steps + help another tourist out.
    Pas de funiculaire pour moi, I’d do the thing on foot. 😉
    I’d probably take the wrong métro at Nation like I always do.
    I’d try and act Paris-ish and buy that gross sticky toffee-like candy from a métro vending machine 😀
    I’d go to the flea market @ Porte de Clignancourt.
    I’d avoid going to Paris by bus, last time we took a wrong turn (well anyway the bloody stupid bus arse driver did) and we spent hours getting into the city.
    I’d stay at a certain Ph. D. Kushnir’s hot place!

    Michael, hit me back
    Haven’t heard from you in ages!

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