important things to know about france.

March 30, 2007

if you come to france, make sure to memorize these few words:

supprimé: cancelled. i.e. le tgv à déstination de rennes est supprimé. 

hors service (h.s.): not in service. i.e. cette acenseur est h.s.

en grève: on strike. i.e. le métro ne roule pas car les conducteurs sont en grève.

préfecture: lit., a government office. fig., the ninth circle of hell. i.e. prochain arrêt: prefecture des hauts-de-seine.

jeudi: lit., thursday. fig., a day where, mysteriously, every office at my university seems to be closed for no good reason. i.e. c’est pas possible, le bureau est fermé jeudi.

in addition, get used to kissing people on the cheek. as ridiculous as it is to do in canada, no fewer than two kisses (though no more than four) are pretty much mandatory. also, if you see two men doing this, don’t assume that they’re gay.

then again, don’t assume that they’re not.

i need some skinny jeans and pointy shoes. then maybe i’d fit in for real…


2 Responses to “important things to know about france.”

  1. hilary Says:

    Should I start practicing the kissing now? I wouldn’t want to embarrass you or milan while I’m there (milan from april 26-30 and me april 26 -may 2)

  2. Sean Says:

    Haha. I came over from Milan’s blog. I really like your journal. Are you from Toronto?

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