a note to myself.

April 9, 2007

je crois t’avoir apperçu; si je te retrouve, je te paye un verre.
– sten (no. 259)

mike, you really have to learn to work with yourself instead of against yourself. you have a way of sabotaging your options by going for the first one. granted, sometimes, you have good feelings – and those, you should go for, absolutely. but you can’t be afraid of holding out for what you want!

take your carte orange [monthly metro pass], for example. you could have waited until you had your navigo card [a chip card insured for the value stored on it] before buying it. or even better yet, you could have realized that you’re not gonna get enough use out of your three zone pass in april and not wasted 40€. but nope…you figured “hey, i’ll get this taken care of ahead of time and not worry about it later.” you ended up saving, maybe, 10 minutes of your time. but at 4€ a minute (which works out to 240€ an hour), it wasn’t worth your not thinking it through.

so here’s my advice (and you’d be wise to take it to heart): whenever you are going to make a decision of any kind of importance, don’t do anything until your information is as complete as you can make it.

on the bright side, however, you learned tonight that your written french is pretty good. now, they’ll only know that you’re not french yourself by your canadian-style handwriting.

work on your oral french and – before you know it – you’ll be in med school.

and if you ever see sten again, don’t be so goddamn shy, ok?


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