“…and large numbers where the head should be.”

May 8, 2007

regarding charles’ note on pigeons, i’d like to note that these parisian beasts are the best proof that normal market economics just refuse to function in france:

assuming demand stays constant, as supply goes up, the price decreases.

yet pigeon remains an expensive delicacy here. this shouldn’t happen! there are pigeons everywhere! in the interest of french consumer protection, something must be done! we must kill the pigeons! all of them!

okay, so maybe the pigeons shouldn’t all be killed. but still, there’s a reason why they call them “rats with wings”.

there are a few interesting things falling onto my plate coming up in the next while. god, i’m going to be busy…

first off, the midnight bike ride needs constant promotion. this isn’t something that i’m keen on doing, but it needs to be done. sigh. at least wheat paste is cheap…and people seem to see them.

next, there’s a show on the 25th of may featuring of montreal, axe riverboy (anagram of xavier boyer, lead singer of tahiti 80) and syd matters, plus a dj set of tahiti boy (likely xavier boyer) vs. quiet the cat. assuming nothing else comes up, i’m really looking forward to going…

also, i’ve learned that my class is doing a field trip. normally, i’d be happy about this, but i’m filled with sheer ecstasy over this one: my prof is taking us to the hague. not only is this very cool, but it’s also free. i hope i’ll be able to visit my friends that live in the low countries. if not, i’ll tie it in somehow another time. geez, belgium and holland. two seriously fantastic countries, ancient lands of castles, dragons, lords and ladies. divisions and history, emperors in faraway spain and austria, blood-soaked towns, iron-laced morning dew on blades of grass.

i’m thinking of letting my membership in the ndp lapse. i had a bit of a political epiphany during the evening of the presidential elections here…and as a result, i don’t know if my party has a place for me anymore.

pretty much everything that i wrote about my depression is turning around. saturday, sunday and monday each saw some good stuff happen to me. let’s hope that today, wednesday and thursday hold up.

note to self: look up music by final fantasy and krista l. l. muir.

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