a quick update.

May 25, 2007

wow! i’m surprised at how many visitors from back home i’m getting in my nine square (or possibly cubic) metres.

so far, i’ve had five people stay with me, and another six are set to drop by within the next month or so, plus the locals that can’t be bothered to catch the last métro home.

i’ve finally figured out how to use international keyboard shortcuts on my mac. sigh. who’d have thought the info was sitting right there in the help file? in any case, i’m awfully hâppy thàt ï døn’t håvé to üse thé çhàràctêr pålëtte anymore.

parisian thunderstorms are really, really awesome. they come at a moment’s notice, and when they do, you get pelted by these lovely, thick, luscious raindrops that pound away until you can’t take it anymore. of course, by then, you’re soaked through, so you don’t really care that it’s raining. i saw the clouds coming today, and made a point of cycling like a madman to get back home before the rains came.

tonight, i’m going to see “of montreal” – though according to my ticket, i’m going to see “of montréal”. of course, this band is american. isn’t france great?

i learned that i might have to forfeit one of my classes because i have been operating henceforth on incorrect information. i should just start assuming that everything that anyone tells me is a blatant, outright lie. i’d probably stay out of trouble that way.

(when you ask your prof “is this the only class to attend for this course?” and he answers “yes”, it’s logical to think that he knows what he’s talking about. evidently not. ergo, i’ve missed half a semester’s worth of class, which means that i’m going to be doing a LOT of reading between now and the final exam.)

i might finally have my papers on wednesday. cross your fingers for me.


2 Responses to “a quick update.”

  1. Milan Says:

    I think the nine cubic metre floorplan we came up with was pretty excellent.

  2. mkushnir Says:

    indeed. sometimes it gets ridiculous, depending on who comes over.

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