surprises, surprises.

June 1, 2007

here’s something downright shocking: i may, in fact, actually enjoy yogurt. who would have thought? this is the one thing that i have gagged at since i was a little kid. and now, after downing a meal of bastard curry with chris anderson, i’m thinking to myself, jeez, that yogurt in the fridge is looking mighty appealing.

chris and his friend, martin, ended up staying with me for a few nights. and what a few nights they were. fueled by alcohol yet proving to be surprisingly productive in the academic sense, these few days ended up being a very pleasant surprise.

and another surprise! danny, one of the geog kids, is gonna be crashing chez moi for a couple days too. again, a very pleasant surprise.

i ought to check out the couchsurfing scene when i finally get around to, well, whatever.

i should be getting my papers tomorrow. wish me luck.


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