June 2, 2007

so, of course, when you should be working on your papers, what do you do? you go read 300 pages of popcorn literature.

thankfully, this is popcorn literature far superior to the crap pumped out by sophie kinsella (author of the shopaholic series):

“…i was going to turn into one of those people who sit in parisian cafés and type their rantings into a laptop computer, hoping all the while that someone will come up and ask ‘what are you writing?’, when in fact everyone steers clear because they’re scared you’ll want to explain what you’re writing.”

i still don’t have my papers. bureaucracy is not something the french do well (or, perhaps, they are exceedingly, savagely and sadistically good at it).

this is another thing that the french don’t do well: accept foreigners…regardless of what the past sixty years’ statistics would have you believe. they know that you’re there, yes…but you’ll never be one of them, no matter how goddamn hard you may try.


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