an excerpt from the préfecture.

June 21, 2007

the following is not an exaggeration. this actually happened:

them: your document isn’t ready.

me: but the vancouver office said it would be.

them: oh, they sent it, but it’s waiting to be decoded.

me: decoded?

them: yes, it’s a TELEX.

me: i…see.

them: come back at the end of june.

me: can i get your phone number so i can call ahead to see if it’s ready?

them: we don’t have a phone.

me: um, forgive the assumption, but what’s that phone-like thing on your desk?

them: oh, that. that’s a phone, but it’s for me. you can’t call us.

absolutely astonishing. i find it hard to believe that this actually happens in the twenty-first century.

the only thing that would have made this truly perfect is if she would have called me “mr. veedle.”


2 Responses to “an excerpt from the préfecture.”

  1. Soojin Says:

    my heart goes out to you.
    but you probably won’t get it because of all the red tape.
    smile, mike.

  2. mkushnir Says:

    update: i finally got the damn paper in early august.

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