poop, evidently.

August 15, 2007

i’m lying in bed right now with david. he’s sketching away at what is likely to be a caricature of me (including a wonderfully over-sized nose), but like a canadian version of carrie bradshaw, i figure that my time is better spent writing.

[note: it ended up being a naked homeless dude – certainly not jewish – in an alley.]

holland was really good. i spent a lot of quality time with both martin and marette. they got along really well; when this happens between friends, i know that i have, indeed, managed to surround myself with quality people. picture a sunny, overpriced dinner on the beach at scheveningen (a suburb of the hague) with way too much wine; pure happiness.

add jussi into the equation. by total chance, he’s staying in leiden with his cousin just down the road from martin’s place. a day or so in rotterdam, a night or two in leiden, a real treat to see him. part of me thought that i would never see him again after meeting him in stockholm.

unfortunately, i did not get a chance to see thomas in ghent. i was really sad about this; even if it would have been for five minutes, i wanted to look him in the eyes and tell him in perfect sincerity that i was sorry for how i had treated him. the experience of ghent was nice in itself, i must admit, but when i saw those endless white buses marked “deinze” on them, i knew that i had failed at a large goal of my trip.

travels are supposed to change you somewhat. if they weren’t meant to do this, nobody would ever leave their hometowns (or even their neighbourhoods, for this matter). either this, or they are meant to show you something about yourself that wasn’t self-evident. thus, it could not have been more fitting for me to have stepped out of the gare du nord in the tenth district here in paris and realize that i had returned home.

my apologies go out to everyone in canada, but my return to vancouver, while warmly anticipated, will be temporary.


3 Responses to “poop, evidently.”

  1. jocelyn Says:


    and 🙂

    i’m happy for you, but i’ll miss you for sure!

  2. Bus 77 Says:

    I don’t think I ever read this post,
    and if I have it must be alzheimer’s kicking in.

  3. Bus 77 Says:

    But it’s kind of really nice reading it now 🙂 So thank you, and there was no reason for you to apologize. I think that one should be mine. So, sorry for any nasti kommentz

    por un segundo
    mas feliz

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