…et ma vie semblait être qu’un rêve…

January 3, 2008

i’m home.

nothing has changed. well, okay. plenty has changed.

but the themes haven’t.

i miss the person that i became in paris. i wish he would have come with me.

it’s really frustrating, dammit! i don’t see why i should have so much fear in vancouver. but i do, and i can see, with only a week back here under my belt, that it’s crippling me again.


it’s my thing. my problem. i have to beat it somehow.


2 Responses to “…et ma vie semblait être qu’un rêve…”

  1. Jussi Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Nice to know you’re in Canada and are doing as well possible.

    I hope to make it to the new world next summer. USA and Cuba are on top of my list, we’ll see about the rest later.

    Try to make most of your limited days there, returning Paris is just a bit away 🙂

  2. Fred Says:

    hey honey… i have a remedy to your problem : go to the nearest airport, get on a plane (if possible going to paris or london), get off the plane once landed, feel the air, give me a call !

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