just because i’m a glutton for punishment…

January 31, 2008

it makes me upset when people make incendiary comments. what makes me livid, however, is when they are largely true.

when alfie lee says that the AMS is largely seen by UBC’s asian students as “some white people’s club,” how can we go on doing what we’ve been doing and pretend like there’s nothing wrong?

i’m certainly an AMS hack…to a degree. but still, does that place me out of touch with the average student? the average student who doesn’t vote? the average student who is a visible minority?

i wish i could prove alfie lee wrong. unfortunately, he’s 100% right.

the AMS is insular. much too much. if we want to change for the better, we have to get new people involved. lots of them. of course, this is the easy bit. the hard bit is getting people to want to get involved. while the tiny libertarian in me says that you can’t force someone to do something that they don’t want to, after seeing how french student life works, i ask myself why we can’t bring a little bit (and just a little bit) of may ’68 here?

congrats, alfie, on your election to senate. i hope i get to work with you.

i think i got asked out by the gent in my english class that i’ve been pining over.

i’m obviously crazy then, and he’s obviously straight.

One Response to “just because i’m a glutton for punishment…”

  1. Empty Bottle Says:

    Dude, the AMS is insular because people don’t care enough to look to change what affects them. Anyone who cares can get involved. I wouldn’t say that the AMS is very white, even though the majority of the councilors are white. I would say that some people choose to get involved and others don’t. I took the initiative to get a little bit involved with the AUS and AMS. Those who can’t take that tiny bit of initiative are unlikely to care enough to make a difference anyways (not that I made a difference, but at least I was there to try).

    I would definitely support a much better publicization campaign on the part of the AMS to get the word out to all parts of UBC society, but when it comes to Vancouver I don’t see the point in talking about visible minorities anymore unless there is clear discrimination. I grew up in elementary and high school as a minority in school, both ethnically/culturally and socially, and I still got involved. I reckon people who care enough, be they minorities or not, will get involved as long as they don’t miss some dumb deadline that hasn’t been properly advertised. So get those posters out there, but after that, those who come are those who will make the future.

    I hope my grammar didn’t go all off in this, I’m really drunk right now.

    -Empty B

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