on poetry.

February 14, 2008

poetry is singing without music. it brings a class of people together.

it’s linked to geography too. people will write different things based on their environment. city, town or village. wealthy or poor.

to think that all the famous writers were contemporaries with all the other famous writers in their time. makes you wonder what was going on when the wine started to pour; kinda like what happens in this house when the teachers break out a case of cab sauv (hilarity ensues).

there is symbolism everywhere in life. but correlation does not imply causation, nor does it imply an inherent order in the universe.  but it still hurts me to see unintended damning words on a bit of paper underneath my coffee cup, or to see your work in shreds on the ground.

i’m not a poet. i’ll never be, because i prefer to call things as i see them: harsh, gritty realism is fun. example! i find that the twist of the knife in my gut is surprisingly comfortable.

thanks a lot, time, place and circumstance. i owe you.


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