just a quick note, now that the election is over…

February 15, 2008

[before you read this, know that the results are not yet known to the public.]

although the editorial staff of the knoll may be upright people as individuals, some of which are my friends, the campus rag thus entitled is not even worth the paper it’s written on.

why? because it turns fools into overnight seers and pushes blind dogma as truth.

it is a newspaper, by the virtue of its format. it is not, however, journalism, nor will it ever be as long as it refuses to accept that pluralism is a part of democratic society, whether one like it or not.

2$ of my student fees goes to the resource groups, who in turn fund this paper, who will endorse their own handpicked (to borrow a word from their editorials) candidate, therefore using AMS resources to fund a political campaign.

ergo, i am funding my own competition!

true, VFM rules ban this. but let’s face the realities of politics. slates are banned too, but that doesn’t stop them from existing. in any case, a special election is effectively exempt from the VFM rules.

so, the knoll. next time you want to slam me, then slam me. but slam me on my virtues, and not on my past candidacy.

in any case, should i win, have you ever thought that you might have to work with me?


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