going through the scraps of paper.

February 21, 2008

i received this note a while back. i don’t know how, or why (or maybe i do, but i don’t feel like disclosing why right now), but i instantly felt that there’s a path out of my morose state through it.

to my not-so-secret correspondent: thank you.

way to go: these are fine notes on a city one can so easily fall in love with. when I was 17 I visited the rodin museum and fell in love with camille claudel, her work and the idea of her emerging from the shadows of the great artiste.

it was great to get that postcard from you – very thoughtful and as a result you and your words are now part of my favorite sites list and so I can live vicariously through you and your experiences in one of the most voluptuous cities of the world.

still. i’m so lost. i need to convince myself that i’m not a loser. maybe then it will be true.
for the first time, my enemy is neither time nor distance.

thanks a lot, the whip, for being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

toronto was both delightful and horrifying.

i don’t want to think of myself at my grandad’s age. he has one asset, though, one that i’ll probably never have.

i can’t go his way. i mustn’t. pity that genetics will dictate the yea or the nay.

i have a few ideas for a project.


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