February 24, 2008

i am naked in bed. i’m waiting for a download of röyksopp’s night out to finish so that i can play it over the crappy radio leaking out of the corner of my room.

i’ll make it public, ’cause i want the world to know: i’ve been seeing a kind man named parker mclean for the past two weeks or so. that’s why i’ve been so confused as of late.

i don’t understand. i just don’t…understand. what’s this wrenching feeling in my lungs?

i need to remember to never see parker on a saturday night, as to do so is cursed.

i need a change. i need to become more vicious, ’cause i find myself losing patience with myself. seeing as that this has traditionally been my strongest virtue, this is a sign of worry.

this week – academically – is going to suck.


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