my last post on the AMS. i promise.

March 28, 2008

democracy is a good thing. governments exist to serve their people, and as such, the democratic process needs a very strong mechanism by which to defend it.

but the AMS is not a government. it’s a non-profit society with an elected debating society (…err…board of directors), who control the $10-million budget of the organization.

one thing that really pissed me off once was when ross told me that his grinnell college’s student union was called the SGA – the student government association.

people! wake up! student “government” is a lie and a ridiculous concept! (although maybe the grinnell example is a good thing; it doesn’t deny what it is: a clique for the social élite.)

it’s good that student court exists, but it’s been no secret (to anyone that cares) that council is the final body. and rightly so should it be! they’re the ones who are legally bound to upholding the laws of the province, not student court justices. it operates this way in the real world too: if politicians are upset with a court’s ruling, they always have the option to overrule it.

this entire exercise proves two things:

  1. two of the executive voted to remove lougheed, whereas the rest of them (including lougheed) abstained. executive solidarity exists to try to avoid what will clearly happen: serious bad blood between the five executives. what the two knolligarch execs did was shameful and just plain short-sighted. this was a political attempt by a de facto slate who lost an election to ascend to power.
  2. the population at large – much like the real-life government – doesn’t care at all.

so, yes. kudos to council for throwing this charge out, congratulations to alex lougheed for surviving this ordeal, and shame on the knolligarchy for putting everyone through this vicious, cruel and irresponsible waste of time and resources.

the AMS works best when you don’t know that it exists. thus, to the more…vocal…members of council: shut your mouth, open your ears and understand that you are not demigods. nobody buys it.

(and, while you’re at it, stef ratjen, would you PLEASE get translink to run the b-line until 1:30 AM or something?)


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