a new blog to read.

April 3, 2008

for those of you urban/transit/environmental-types out there, take a peek at the blog of stephen rees.

it’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

in the past five days, i’ve managed to snag myself:

  • three extreme v-neck tees from american apparel (in black, white and red).
  • two pairs of fantastic jeans (including one pair of the spiffy “no-wash” denim) that make it hard to walk – ’cause they’re so damn tight – but they make my bum look really sweet.
  • a pair of the most amazing shoes known to man – ankle boots in a snakeskin-type pattern (light brown) with a heel and a nice, long, pointed toe.

by some miracle, this all ended up costing less than 300$. that’s pretty damn awesome, imho.
so, basically, combine the three, and i look tall, thin and even a bit muscled. wow.

all i need is one of those funny pieces of “male” (read: gay) jewelry to hang around my neck (and maybe some disco tits and a slight affinity for blow), and i’ll be laughin’.


2 Responses to “a new blog to read.”

  1. Milan Says:

    The two things described above make an odd combination. I don’t normally open two new tabs in response to a post: one to check out an environmental blog and the other to Google “disco tits.”

  2. jocelyn Says:

    you sound super hot!

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