before ubc becomes a civil-war-zone.

April 7, 2008

i have to say something. i can’t just let this go on any longer.

i’ve been at ubc since 2001. i’ve seen a lot of neat things happen here, and i’ve invested plenty of time and effort into the campus community. all of you know this.

but i see something really sinister coming up: the division between moderate and radical students is growing, and i don’t see any end in sight to this.

to the knollsters: i have been criticized in “the knoll” as a candidate in the AMS elections, and as a member of the Radical Beer Faction. and i have pushed back at you, discreetly, respectfully and quietly. but i have never slammed your integrity as human beings, nor have i ever slandered your names. before you label me as, well, whatever you may, keep in mind that i’m not the only one that doesn’t respect people calling me names – or anyone else. and also – while i’m at it – let’s not forget that i am – and always have been – a progressive at ubc: i am a proud new democrat and was there at the founding meeting of SPAN in 2003.

to the moderates: i have seen you turn your causes into vendettas, and this is nothing justified about this. is it any wonder why people have been so antagonistic lately? it’s because of factionalism, and many of you are responsible for this. i’m not going to name names, but being a member of a certain group does not exempt you from criticism, nor does it give you the right to label your opponents as frothing-at-the-mouth marxists.

the knollsters will have the vp-academic issue to rally around. the moderates will now have the rumble at the knoll to use as their standard.

but here’s what i’ve got to say to everyone, before this turns into a shitstorm: calm the fuck down, grow the fuck up, lose the bad blood and let’s – jointly – work towards those basic common goals in which we believe: healthy student life, lower tuition, better transit and affordable housing. we don’t have to be each other’s best friends, but we need to have a healthy working relationship with each other, regardless of our political leanings and/or affiliation…so enough with the classism already!

the administration and the RCMP see us as divided – how can we expect to be taken seriously when the AMS is basically cut into two?

i have even heard a suggestion that the AMS is so screwed up, that a second student society should be constituted with the goal of eventually being a successor student union. guess what? this is the sign of a problem…a big one.

AMS execs, are you listening? ’cause here’s what i would love to see: a guiding document outlining your common goals for this year with all five of your signatures on it. we can disagree on the what and the why, but let’s work first on the stuff that we all agree upon.

i am quickly becoming sick and tired of this bullshit, and while the drama is fun to read about in the ubyssey, the fact of the matter is that it’s bloody embarrassing to be part of this sandbox bickering.

so, for the love of god, let’s stop it.


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