yet more new purchases.

April 9, 2008

it seems that dadabase is closing down their retail operation (don’t worry, they’ll still be selling online), so they’re marking down basically everything in their store…

i got myself a pair of amazing slacks – blue-and-white checkered – that fit oh so well. as long as i don’t get any softer around the edges – thanks a lot, bad weather, for effectively barring me from my bike – they’re well-slated to become my new favourite non-jeans.

(before they close down completely, i really ought to see if i can snag one of those really lovely royal blue v-neck tees with the horse on the back or the one with the pixelated virgin mary that steph got her brother for his birthday. i wear small, and as smalls have been awfully popular for the past few years, finding clothing in such a size has gone from being difficult to oft-impossible. so take the as a warning: if you’re thinking of snagging what are likely the last ones between now and thursday afternoon, keep in mind that, when i find you wearing said tees, i will probably kill you with my bare hands.)

next, i jumped up the street to motherland and got this lovely ultra-thin brown sound black sweater from motherland with this neat forest-type-cathedral motif screened on the front. this has been one of my favourite labels ever since i got my hands on one of their “rothman” jackets,  the collar of the sweater is non-existant, so if i wear a tank underneath, i look a little bit like a bearded jennifer beals.

finally, i bought a turntable as a gift for my dad. he’s been complaining that he’s only finding the best music on vinyl. he’ll be quite pleasantly surprised tomorrow when i give it to him. normally, i wouldn’t release this on the web, since he might find out about it, but my dad is a luddite, so i doubt that he ever will stumble across this blog. of course, he’s not so much as a luddite to actually have a turntable, so i suppose posting this information is irony in awesome proportion.

total price: 185$ (of which 85$ is eligible for a karma rebate).

i’ll post photos of all my new purchases when i have a chance. which, judging by the snail’s pace of my paper’s progress, will likely be never.


i had my lab exam on friday in my physical geog class. i pretty much murdered the exam – so did michael brin. it got me in a generally good mood for the weekend.

saturday night was really nice. so was monday night. thus, i’m looking forward to thursday night.

sunday was awkward, though. i don’t really want to discuss it in detail, though i will say that i did something childish and inappropriate. really, i don’t know what possessed me to do this; it had all the trappings of a high-school gossip session. i had a dream about the outcome of my sunday afternoon actions, and it really didn’t seem all that bad. of course, that was a dream. but in the cosmic sense, it’s really not that big of a deal. in fact, maybe this mistake is exactly what i needed to do.

why had i never watched the movie “high fidelity” until tonight?


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