québecois au cœur?

April 22, 2008

as previously posted, québec is a really special place, unlike anywhere else on earth. there’s a spirit of ingenuity and survival there, stemming from what margaret atwood would call the canadian’s fear of nature.

politically, québec rallies around three main parties: the federalist, liberal-conservative parti libéral du québec, the sovereigntist, social-democratic parti québécois and the fiscally-conservative, nationalistically-ambiguous action démocratique du québec. the liberal party has been in power since 2003.

although it seems that we live in a world increasingly void of esthetic, i still believe that, when the conditions are right, symbolism is very important.

so maybe that’s why i really dig the péquiste logo so much. simple, little-changed since it was created and full of symbolism (the arrow – originally red and extending across the diameter – is supposed to “break” the cycle of colonialism).

if anything, it kicks the ass of the other three big parties‘ logos, though the adéquiste logo is infinitely better than their previous one.

jean charest, please change your logo; a six-year old could have done better.


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