on the labour market.

May 21, 2008

i already wrote a 3,500 word paper on this stupid topic, but let me take a more cynical approach to it:

there is probably nothing that makes one feel like a loser more than looking for a job.

at this point, i would like to direct my readers to the link above, entitled “hire me” – my CV can be found therein.

*hint hint*

i had a fantastic time on sunday. it was – almost – perfect.

i fear that i might not feel so good for quite a long time to come.

i’ve said this before: i’m a good judge of character. also, i tend to be able to read people like books. most people, that is.

observation: most of the time, i find it incredibly hard to read people that i (could) fall for.


One Response to “on the labour market.”

  1. Chrisanderson Says:

    Good luck with the job-finding… lemme know if you have any success with the Cirque thing, or need a good word put in (through Dan)

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