opus, obra, oeuvre.

June 2, 2008

i keep going to opus on granville island to replenish the art supplies that i consume.

of course, i stop for a cup of well-made coffee every time i go.

last time, i bought four canvases. y’know. to practice.

i don’t really need as many supplies as i purchase, it would seem.

i finally got a job. i’m working for the jewish federation of greater vancouver on a summer project (basically, they want to find out where the invisible jews – like me – are located).

a friend’s mother once told me about how his father had courted her. they had met in london at the holborn tube station, and he kept returning to this station in the hopes that he would catch her again.

i thought it such a sweet story. of course, today, this would be considered stalking.

the other day, a guy asked a completely random girl on the bus (that he found attractive) over for a drink and, subsequent to her understandable declining said invitation, to coffee, which she accepted. sincerely, i wished the guy well, although i could feel the rusty pangs of jealousy in my gut over this guy’s courage, his chutzpah.

sometimes, i wonder why those i pine for never pursue me. i figure ’cause they have their eyes elsewhere, their sights set higher. and that’s okay! i can’t ask them anything more.

it’s sad. it really is. not in the greater context, but just for me. maybe i say that i don’t care for marriage ’cause the odds of me finding myself in a position to get married is virtually impossible.

what have we done with ourselves?


One Response to “opus, obra, oeuvre.”

  1. Lindi Says:

    Hi Mike! I want to hear more about your summer job. I am doing reserach this term on Jews with disabilities – another relatively invisible group. Share ideas?

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