another mark of my age.

June 6, 2008

i should never listen to the radio; it reminds me of how old i am:

  1. the song “steal my sunshine,” released in 1999 by the critically- and commercially-acclaimed band len, is played on a soft rock station.
  2. the song “otherside” by the red hot chili peppers, released at roughly the same time, is played immediately afterwards on the same station.

what got me thinking is not really about how old i was (15) or what i was doing at the time (finishing up grade 10 and trying to survive mum’s constant fits of rage) that these two songs were released, nor of the span of time that had passed since then.

rather, it’s at the fact that both of these songs are now considered soft rock; they would have never been played on an adult contemporary station at the time.

of course, as another marker of age, i can only imagine what the adult contemporary stations would have been playing (perhaps “i have nothing” by whitney houston, or “i still believe” by mariah carey, or even “because you loved me” by céline dion). come to think of it, maybe this is why i find the concept of the “vh1 divas” concerts so revolting: it’s a symbol of the music of misery.


One Response to “another mark of my age.”

  1. Milan Says:

    At my work cafeteria yesterday, they were playing that song with the ‘Jump! Jump! Jump!’ chorus and horrible screeching sounds. While it made me think about feeling old for a minute, I decided that the song was always obnoxious.

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