on the stikine…

August 21, 2008

“this is fucked up,” said i.

i never thought that i would get myself so far away from civilization. bob, my host, says that this is probably the point furthest from a (canadian) road in canada. basically, i’m in the middle of nowhere.

the middle of nowhere WITH FRIGGIN’ WIFI.

off of a sandbar.

nearest point of civilization: wrangell, alaska – 52 kilometres south of here.

here’s the proof: 56°41’53.39″ N, 131°48’19.09″ W

this isn’t the furthest north i’ve been – stockholm is at 59° N – but this is just so bloody cool.

with luck, i will not be eaten alive by either mosquitoes, bears or alaskans (in case they cross the unguarded border en masse, the ruffians).


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