liberals! tories! new democrats! lend me your ears!

October 20, 2008

after an election that strived to be the most defining of a generation but resulted in being the most meaningless in canadian history, liberal leader stéphane dion has resigned.

now, maybe i’m a bit ahead of the gun, but let’s have some fun with this: who’s going to be the next liberal leader?

sometimes, stirring the pot is fun. or, if you’re a supporter of the liberal party, necessary.


4 Responses to “liberals! tories! new democrats! lend me your ears!”

  1. Milan Says:

    Dion was a respectably guy but a poor leader. Ignatieff would certainly be interesting to watch in debates.

    I just hope the party doesn’t manage to split and impoverish itself so fully that it can’t serve as a functioning opposition.

  2. Charles Says:

    My trouble with the leadership prospects is that Rae and Ignatieff each have their “unelectability” problems. Ignatieff may have better English than Dion but he still has the stuffy academic problem. Rae would have a hell of a time winning over Ontario cause they seem to have very long memories.

    I like Gerard Kennedy but I do wonder if he’d suffer because he was Dion’s kingmaker. A guy born in Manitoba, educated in Alberta, elected in Ontario, and married to a PEI francophone Acadian might also have good broad-based regional appeal.

    And anyone other than those 3 could suffer from the “Do we really want another dark-horse candidate” factor.


  3. Milan Says:

    Could we bring back Chrétien?

  4. mkushnir Says:

    i think the formaldehyde may have seeped into chrétien’s brain by now.

    milan: as much as i believe that the NDP can fill that role one day, i will likely have to wait for quite a while to see that. in the meantime, i do not see much of a hope for anyone but ignatieff.

    charles: the stuffy, academic problem was not a question in this election. it was the fact that dion appeared inept thanks to the conservatives’ US-style negative campaigning (in particular, their focus on “leadership”, whatever that was supposed to mean). in any case, ignatieff is hardly stuffy.

    dion’s problems were twofold: he was misunderstood in english canada and distrusted in québec. remember that he is the architect of the clarity act, which angered a lot of soft nationalists. i’m sure if english canada would have seen the french debates, they would have been as impressed as i was with his performance.

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