public sector marketing.

January 4, 2009

the cbc reported the other day on a bombing in bilbao, alledgedly by ETA, a marxist basque separatist group.

in the report, they say:

With a population of just under one million, Bilbao is the Basque region’s main city and home to one of the Guggenheim museums.

seeing as it wasn’t the guggenheim bilbao that was bombed, does it mean that the actions of the basque nationalist party over a decade ago was a resounding success?

or does it just mean that the writers at the cbc really didn’t have much to work with on that day?


One Response to “public sector marketing.”

  1. Milan Says:

    While I expect you will disagree with it, you might find this editorial interesting.

    In particular, I think there is some truth to this section:

    “While acknowledging the left was instrumental in creating many of the social programs Canadians have come to trust – many of today’s emerging progressives see a left that is often loath to reform or rethink them in the face of globalization, the telecommunication revolution, and a changing citizenry. In the last election voters faced an ideological paradox. The more left the advocates, the more entrenched they were against innovation and reform, even when such reforms would serve progressive values.

    Seen this way, the NDP’s vision is in many ways a conservative one – a vision of Canada locked in the 1960s or worse, the 1930s. This conservatism of the left – even if found under one tent – will not inspire forward looking progressives, or Canadians in general.”

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