regarding the 2009 AMS executive elections.

January 20, 2009

i am truly shocked by the candidates presented.

with only one exception, there is no serious candidate that i would rank above “mediocre” – and since i am not endorsing anybody in this wretched race, i’m keeping mum on that one. indeed, i would trust the fate of the largest student society moreso to “fire” or “the water fountain” than some of the candidates.

of course, considering that we’re supposed to be using a condorcet system, where your choices are ranked, it looks like some normally-less-than-front-running candidates might actually win this time, which would pretty much go to prove that those who run to lose are EXACTLY who we need in office.

much like the AUS, the AMS is in dire need of good members.

long live the RBF apparent slate!

in a previous posting, i mentioned how factionalism can tear the AMS – and any other organization, for that matter – apart.

thus, when i overheard a certain individual (associated with a certain candidate) trying to strong-arm a moderately-influential figure on campus for an endorsement, i raised a silent eyebrow. however, when said individual was arguing that their candidate should be endorsed due to the fact that their opponent is a member of an opposing political party, i nearly spoke up.

i stopped myself, however, when i remembered that nothing really matters in the long run – least of all AMS politics.

note: 15 minutes after posting this originally, the exact same factional slander appeared in my facebook mailbox, from the same person, for the same candidate.

for shame.


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