January 24, 2009

well, after what appeared to be a promising start to a day (cottage cheese muffins, painless commute, having my advice taken seriously for once, slaughtering two assignments for my cartography class), this has really turned into the worst day i’ve had in a very long time:

  • missed the express bus to richmond by one minute
  • had the next bus take over an hour to get to richmond
  • had aforementioned late bus do wonders for my nerves
  • had my brother hucking me over my lateness by text message
  • had my parents hucking me over my dourness – brought on by my lateness – by their “concern”
  • had the gym call and remind me that i have a group appointment with them that i will be completely unprepared for
  • realized that with age comes a slowing metabolism
  • discovered that something wet got into my bookbag, soaking everything therein
  • realized that whatever it was leaked into my laptop, ruining it
  • remembering that i can’t afford a new laptop,
  • upon needing like a motherfucker, finding there are no smokes in the house whatsoever

fuck. i really can’t do anything right. it figures, really, that the universe really wants me to fail; all this only comes as soon as i resolve to get my life together.

i have a feeling that my bad news is not over. no guarantees on what other curveballs life will throw at me, sadly.

but i’ve got a feeling i know what it is. and, knowing me, it’s gonna be typical.



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