more on the sfu aerial tramway.

February 11, 2009

it seems that my idea for an aerial tramway up burnaby mountain is gaining momentum. i would love to take credit for this, but of course, that would be somewhat far fetched.

this is such a no-brainer; i’m surprised that the socred governments of the 1980s never put this project forward for public debate.

of course, i’m not expecting to see it anytime soon.

many thanks to stephen rees (again) for the heads up.


4 Responses to “more on the sfu aerial tramway.”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    In my day at SFU, we all quasi-joked about how great it would be. It was always intuitive, even before our time.

  2. Milan Says:

    Neat. It would probably draw some tourists, as well as helping students.

  3. mkushnir Says:

    not just that – it’s slated to be used by the residents in market housing too…this means that people will possibly start to think radically outside the box when it comes to public transit in vancouver.

    i have to say that the figures are extremely impressive.

  4. Tristan Says:

    The gondola is by far the most elegant solution to a specific problem (getting students from the skytrain to school).

    The cost seems reasonable, cheap compared to skytrain construction.

    If I’m correct, trams are extremely lower energy consumers, especially when the weight of the up and down cars are the same.

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