a quick update.

April 3, 2009

i’m graduating. may 21. 8:30 am. bachelor of arts in geography. the first kushnir to ever have a degree…assuming i get my classwork done.

i have four assignments left:

  1. take home exam: the geography of asia
  2. wyly project 1: cultural/artistic politics of toronto
  3. wyly project 2: urban analysis: gentrification
  4. map project: vancouver transit map redesign and wayfinding critique

the ceremony is freaking me out. there may be some conflicts that i hope do not arise.

stefan and me are doing just fine. i’m kinda surprised that i’ve managed to keep this going. i’m more surprised at how i’ve largely done it: by being myself.

nick has moved out permanently to bella coola. stephanie has moved out; she’s going backpacking to asia with her girlfriend, shannon. my friends mitch and kristen have moved in. things are good.

parker has apologized to me. i have not yet accepted it. i likely will eventually…probably when letting him know will defeat the purpose of it.

it looks like my trip is a go-ahead. we’ve received a grant for about $1200. i’m stoked.

this summer, i’m gonna go to the gym like 29 times a week. i’m gonna be even more gym-crazed than every circut boy in ibiza (plus chris diplock) combined. watch out, world!

i’m also gonna repair all my bikes, organize the hell out of my house, stop taking transit in exchange for cycling, read more, drink less and come a step or two closer to being the person i want to be. i will drink my coffee black and eat poached eggs. i will eat out less.

i’m dividing my living space in two with a giant shelf nearly 8′ square. me and my friends will also be building a bar. in my house. for real.

i will get involved. not at ubc. but at life. i bet there’s some organization that could use my help with something or other. i will vote green, vote “yes” in the referendum on STV.

i’m gonna find a job. that’s the hardest bit these days.


4 Responses to “a quick update.”

  1. Alox Says:

    Awesome. Sounds quite a bit like my plans for the sunny days ahead. I look forward to ’em Mike! 😀

  2. Charles Says:

    Congrats, Mike. You earned it.

    And keep me informed about the crazy Portland transit trip 🙂

  3. rmb1987 Says:

    Sounds good.

    (Wyly is such a great prof!)

  4. jocelyn Says:

    you sound inspired by the sun. 🙂

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