April 10, 2009

yep. it’s mine. $550. that i don’t have. but still. it’s worth it. so fucking worth it.

after all, when’s the last time i had a vintage bedroom set from the 1940s?

ikea can go eat shit for all i care from now on. i’ve slept on low-density particleboard one too many nights.

thank you, craigslist gods. i owe you one.

(how awesome is this? the guy who responded to me seems to have an S&M girlfriend or something. he called her “She Who Must Be Obeyed.” at first, i thought this was kinda cute/funny. then he referred to her again as “SWMBO” à la dan savage. which probably means a lot of kinky sex has been had on this bed. which is totally hot.)

ok. so as it turns out, stefan tells me that “SWMBO” is a reference to a BBC show. but still.

4 Responses to “OMG. LOOK AT THIS.”

  1. Alox Says:

    Win. Now you must carry on the tradition of the bed.

  2. mkushnir Says:

    i’ll tie you up on my new bed anyday. won’t sleep with you, but bondage doesn’t count as cheating. right?

  3. Alox Says:

    Mmm. My test says it does, despite how hot it would be. Maybe if she’s involved…

  4. Milan Says:

    Very nice. Quality furniture strikes me as a very good investment, provided you are confident you will be in a place for a long while.

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