on family matters.

April 11, 2009

i told dad about stefan.

awkward? very. but i guess not as awkward as them meeting at grad with no forewarning.

personal preference: the word “partner” should be used sparingly when referring to human relations. while correct, it’s surprisingly clinical. the terms “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” are – actually – just fine.


4 Responses to “on family matters.”

  1. Alox Says:

    What about dick-buddy?

    My mom recently used the word “friend” to refer to whether or not a guy-friend of mine has a boyfriend. Really Mom, friend? I called her on it for using differential language (I find ‘friend’ pretty demeaning). Things got awkward.

  2. mkushnir Says:

    you can imagine how that same convo happened with my grandmum the other day. @fokked and @mitchrite were present. it was awkward+10.

  3. Charles Says:

    To be fair, I know some folks of an older generation who use “friend” for heterosexual boyfriend/girlfriends too… and who use “going with” for dating, and “girlfriend” for a woman’s platonic friend.

  4. mkushnir Says:

    that’s true. our grandparents might do that, sure. but our parents’ generation, i’d expect to be a bit savvier.

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