an open letter to carole james.

April 25, 2009

dear carole,

i’m writing to you as someone who has voted ndp in the past for a variety of reasons.

your environmental policy is – forgive the term – garbage. while industrial pollution must be curbed, let’s be reasonable. industrial pollution should be tackled, sure. however, your party’s assertion that irresponsible industrialists are single-handedly responsible for climate change in bc is laughable.

look at it this way. you not only oppose the carbon tax, but you also support the gateway project. not that you haven’t criticised it, to be fair, but your criticism revolves around who should fund the new port mann bridge. you do not oppose the expansion of highways in the region. by your party’s silence, i am forced to assume that you support the project. sure, you speak of transit, but you could also propose to build a transit-only bridge at a fraction of the cost, as well as fund what has been called in the local media as a “light-rail metropolis” in the lower fraser valley, instead of dismantling decades worth of work in ensuring the quality of life in the region remains high.

don’t get me wrong: i am not a fan of gordon campbell, nor am i a supporter of his party. also, i am very supportive of the work that ms. kwan, my mla, has done. however, i will be voting for neither the ndp nor the liberals in this election. i cannot support a party with a platform that risks to undo one of the most significant shifts in environmental policy in north america.

i hope you take these words to heart. with just a few alterations in your platform  – albeit large ones – i might change my vote.

yours sincerely,



2 Responses to “an open letter to carole james.”

  1. alox Says:

    Unfortunately, my green MLA self identifies his religion as ‘ecocentricism’. That right there means I can’t vote for him at all.

  2. Mian Says:

    It’s unfortunate that Green party candidates are often muppets.

    That said, I can understand why serious people won’t run for a party that cannot win.

    See also: Voting algorithm flowchart for Canadian elections

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